Love Will Keep Us Together



Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 7th birthday. We made a big day of it, doing everything we could to make her feel like the special princess she is. She glowed and sparkled from all the attention she received, the gifts she was given, and the fun she had. She is a real blessing in our lives, as are her two brothers.
Four days from now will mark the sixth anniversary of the day we met these three little blessings. They came to us from foster care, needing a place to be united and loved. And boy…are they loved! They have brought us so much joy…far beyond what we imagined possible.
What a privilege it has been to be chosen to be their mommy. What a privilege it has been to teach them about Jesus, to help them realize the value the Lord places on each of them. What a joy it has been to be the recipient of so many hugs, kisses, giggles, and secrets. What an honor it has been to receive their love. I, as a parent, am overwhelmed by their love. I am sure that is how God feels about us, His children. When we love and adore Him, I am certain that His heart is overflowing.
God has used these three little people to restore broken relationships, fill a void, and create everlasting bonds. He has used them as a visual reminder that “family” is not defined by bloodlines, but by emotions. He has used them to teach us, their parents, that obstacles can be overcome through persistence and prayer. He has used them to teach us compassion for those who come from hard places. He has used them in our home, in our church, and in our community, and they have been mighty vessels for His cause.
Have there been times the kids have been disrespectful and disobedient? Sure! But I love them anyways. Have there been struggles? Absolutely! But I love them anyways. How sweet it is to know that God also loves me, even when I am disrespectful and disobedient, even in the times of struggle. How secure it is to know that He is always near, when I am lonely or afraid, suffering from a lack of confidence, or simply lost.
Will there be days in the future when I will feel frustrated, impatient, and exhausted? Most definitely! But the days that I will feel joy, love, excitement, devotion, peace, and happiness will far outweigh the days I don’t. These kids have some struggles that come from their previous circumstances. We have obstacles to overcome. But through whatever this life brings us, we can rest in the assurance that our Father in Heaven loves us with His strong and mighty love, and we love each other with a strong and mighty love. No matter what the enemy throws at us, we know God loves us and we love Him. We know we love each other. And that love will keep us together.

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